Carnival 2016, February 4th through February 10th (6 nights)

Salvador’s Carnival is the  largest (and best!) street party in the world.  On it’s biggest nights, Salavdor’s carnival is estimated to have close to 1 million people on it’s streets.  As you’ll soon realize, this party is HUGE!

For 6 nights (and days) Carnival takes the city by storm.  Banks and businesses shut, school stops, and Carnival reigns king.  Brazil’s biggest musical stars (as well as some of the top name international DJ’s and artists) take to the streets of Salvador in a celebration of life that is joined by the entire city.

Where does the Carnival take place?

Geographically, Salvador’s Carnival takes place principally in three places.  The three main carnival circuits are:


-Campo Grande/Centro


The circuits are all found in the city center and are relatively close to one another.  If one doesn’t get caught in Carnival traffic, one can shuttle back and forth by taxi from one circuit to the other in about 15 minutes.

How can you participate in the Carnival?

There are three ways to brincar (play) the carnival;

1) Bloco/Trio electrico: Join a carnival bloco and follow its trio elétrico down the carnival circuit. To join a bloco, you buy an abadá (shirt).

2) Camarote: Watch the blocos and their accompanying trio elétricos from the comforts of a camarote, an enormous club-like structure which lines the carnival circuit. The camarote functions as both a viewing box and a party within the party, complete with DJ's, live bands, bars, food, etc. To get into a camarote, you need to buy an abadá (shirt).

3) Pipoca: Hit the streets as pipoca (popcorn) as it is called here in Brazil. There are literally over a million people in the streets on the busiest carnival nights. Most of them crowd the carnival circuits waiting to catch a glimpse of the passing blocos and their trio elétricos. No cost involved here. You don't need to spend a cent to enjoy carnival this way, but don't forget your lifejacket or you might drown in a sea of humanity. You've never experienced crowds like this before anywhere, EVER!!!!

For much, MUCH, MUCH more information on Salvador’s Carnival, including information on the artists you’ll see, the style’s of music, you’ll hear, and the “where to be” and “when to be there”, take a look at our in-depth Carnival guide,